Borghese Fluido Protettivo Advanced Spa Lift For Eyes

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Fluido Protettivo Advanced Spa Lift For Eyes

A lightweight moisture eye care Diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Use daily to ease dark circles and puffiness Maintains a brighter, fresher & more youthful-looking skin

Size : 30ml/1oz



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32 reviews for Borghese Fluido Protettivo Advanced Spa Lift For Eyes

  1. Martie Owens

    Borghese spa lift for eye
    Borghese spa lift for eyes softens my wrinkles around my eyes, its non greasy and absorbs into skin nicely. Truly love this eye cream as my skin is maturing and i need something to diminish the lines. It really does what is says.

  2. Lynne Chan

    This is an excellent product for those who cannot use cream.

  3. Lynne Chan

    This is a good eye cream. It is water based and is suitable for people who has sensitive eyes or those that cannot use cream.

  4. A Yu

    Very Gentle
    smooth and gentle for eyes. Pretty good.

  5. Anna Mem

    Love love love
    every day i using this cream, on the morning especially! it’s like a perfect lift for the eyes and dark spots! love it

  6. karolina pazdzior

    and health care for the eye

  7. Iana Moshin

    Mrs Moshin
    Love this moisturiser.
    This is the second time I bought and very pleased with it.

  8. LizM

    Good, and just for eyes
    This product has a wonderfully light and softening texture, however be advised it is quite runny and a lot comes out with one pump of the dispenser. It distributes well and one pump is enough to provide luxurious-feeling moisture for my entire face and neck. (It is possible to pump out a tiny amount if you only want it for the eyes.) There’s no exfoliant in this serum, which seems to be a rare thing these days, and I especially use it when I think my skin wants calming down and a hydrating boost. Very light fragrance and an impressive ingredients list. No eye irritation at all, yay! Also note the 30mL is twice the size of most eye creams, making it very good value for money.

  9. WM

    Borghese Fluido Protettivo for eyes
    So happy with this product! such great watery texture…absorbed well and gives a light feeling to the eyes. and a small amount goes a long way. will buy again for sure

  10. Evelyn Tan

    Lightweight and absorbs easily
    Moisturising but not too rich. I use it nightly and the fine lines under my eyes seem be diminished.

  11. Tanun Jaruvitayakovit

    Good product, great price at Shopperkart

  12. LizM

    Irritation is at the top of my checklist for any product, but especially so for eye products. This light fluid was safe to use, felt nice and in fact I used it all over my face. Nice little dispenser but it is easy to pump out too much, and I was a little annoyed I couldn’t get the precious last few doses out of it. Note the 30mL size is twice that of usual eye products. I bought this on special but I wouldn’t buy it again at current prices.

  13. Anggraini Gunawan

    I already bought this product again because my eyes now looks brighter. My eyebag reduce and don’t dry anymore. I usually use this at night before sleep and in the morning after shower. you need to use this everyday to look the result

  14. Sapac Lilli

    I have been using this product for a couple of years. I used to try different products but then had sensitive issues with my skin. I heard this product was good and I have found it wonderful. It firms the skin around the eye area and no sensitive issues. I am now sticking to this product.

  15. Genady Solodky

    nice product
    like it and recommend

  16. Louise Buckley

    L. Buckley
    This is my second time buying this product. It gives fantastic results in such a short time. It’s gentle on the eyes, doesn’t sting and absorbs in well. Perfect under makeup too. Fantastic value !!

  17. Carla Johnson

    Borghese Spal Eye cream
    I have used tghis for 20 years and think it does a great job.

  18. Olga Kersy

    Fluido Protettivo Advanced Spa Lift For Eyes
    For the first time I use the cream of this company and especially their eye cream,
    I was impressed by the texture of the cream – it is very light and pleasant to use,
    I like it

  19. Jenny Phu

    Great product!
    This eyecream has been very moisturising for me and it comes in a 30ml bottle which is plentiful. Would recommend.

  20. Susanna Teo

    Borghese Fluido Protettivo Advanced Spa Lift For E
    My daughter likes this eye cream

  21. Margaret Welshe

    A good eyecream
    This was a good value purchase.
    It is a little thin but seems to do the job

  22. victoria virlan

    smooth, easy to apply
    my best hydratant lotion. Cmooth applciation, non-grasy, easy absorbing, no odor! wonderful result

  23. Yuko Kosuge

    Works well
    I recently started using this, and the results are great!
    Works well to de-puff tired eyes and is moisturizing but light enough under concealer.
    I use this only in the mornings since I prefer to use something a little heavier at night.
    This will last me ages as I only need a little bit, and I love the fact that its 30ml! Most eye creams are usually 15ml so you get your money worth with this one!

  24. AMMIE

    Good eye cream soothing and nice
    I love the packaging and how easily it is use this product. But it feels like it is working. It is a soothing product. I does hydrate, relieve puffiness but it did nothing for my dark circles. It is a good product to under a primer. As I got this on special, it was good to try. It would suit for your younger women, rather than mature skin.

  25. Lucky me

    Very light and the skin looks smooth and hydreated.

  26. Jacqui Barratt

    good for de puffing
    Nice and gentle and good for sensitive skin

  27. Susan Gray

    Great Product
    Have used this for years. Low irritant, reduces puffiness.

  28. Susan Gray

    Great Product
    Have used this for years. Low irritant, reduces puffiness.

  29. Susan Gray

    Great Product
    Have used this for years. Low irritant, reduces puffiness.

  30. Susan Gray

    Great Product
    Have used this for years. Low irritant, reduces puffiness.

  31. Susan Gray

    Great Product
    Have used this for years. Low irritant, reduces puffiness.

  32. Susan Gray

    Great Product
    Have used this for years. Low irritant, reduces puffiness.

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